It's my first time using it.

Initial plan was large frame, curly hair chick with black bebe top hat and white frayed collar shirt. But of course I had messed up layers and had to erase/start over. Went in a completely different direction. I'm just halfway through with lineart.

I fixed the frame in PS and mirrored for a basic idea.

My wrist isn't allowing me to finish atm.


Funny. It only looks like a few changes once resized. I'm going to do the hair next. Something in mind but I don't know how well it will come out.

Going to raid some forums and see how I can improve the hair shape and edges.

Creating some more actions.

Freqency Separation

Editable Photos

Open your image. Select Background CTRL + J twice

Layer one: low frequency
Layer one copy: high frequency.

DIY reflector

$1 sketchbook/paper

Dark eyes and shadowed lid.

Putting it to the test.


Photoshoot tomorrow!

I wish I had a working printer so I could make another collage of ideas!

Right now I am listening to "The Winter". A little haunting when you are in a weird mood.

I need to make more time for reading & finding blogs.


No Photos.


D&B and without:

2 votes for without DB.


It really looks overdone. Maybe paint in a smaller brush size.


I closed PS when it was frustrating but went back on later in the night- like two days ago.



The other day I was wondering when this was going to happen and surprise... yesterday was it! Cut up some clothes, threw blood on it and I did his makeup ;3

Lots of pretty pin up zombies and scurry gory bloody ones!